What We Do


  • Support customer to know the exact scope of the project
  • To identify the right technology partner / OEM for various sub systems of the project
  • To facilitate the stakeholders to achieve the project implementation within the cost of the project with specified quality
  • To value add the project management through identification and implementation of the tool of Project System Integration
  • Implementation of RAMS plan in order to guarantee the framework of project as per customer requirement.


Our expert do the Engineering starting from inception of project and cover following design stages:

  • Inception design and documentation for the project
  • Preliminary System Assurance Plans, Quality Plans and Procedures
  • Preliminary Design of Telecom sub systems as per project requirement
  • Final Design & drawings as per project requirement
  • Review for System level test plans and performance of the overall system
  • Installation deasign and drawings according to project specification and requirement
  • As-Built design of telecom sub system as per project requirement
  • DBM ( Design Basis memorandum) documentation for the project


System Integration for various Telecom subsystems like:

  • FOTS (SDH), WAN (L3 / L2), PTN, WDM, OTN
  • Master clock system & network synchronization
  • Telephonic system & recording system
  • Security systems (CCTV, Electronic Perimeter, BMS)
  • Wireless systems (TETRA / GSM-R / VHF)
  • Industrial WiFi
  • Power Supply (UPS / SMPS / Solar system)
  • PIDS (Perimeter Intervision Detection System)
  • PA / PAGA system

Telecom Design Services

  • Project Tracking Plan
  • Project Schedule and Control Management
  • Engineering Management Plan
  • Testing & Commissioning Management Plan
  • Interface Management Plan
  • Cost effective I & C Service.
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