Railways & Metro

Racomm offers technological smart mobility solutions for Railways. From railway safety systems to passenger experience, safety and telecommunications systems. These solutions make it possible to optimize the network in real time interface. Racomm provides telecom solution for freight trains and Metros.

The purpose of Telecommunication System in a railway environment is to serve the Operative and Administrative communication requirement of Railway Organization. Telecommunication System also acts as a backbone for Railway signalling System.

Railways and Metro Solutions

  • OFC Network

  • DNS (Data Network System)

  • SDH+PDH System

  • Voice Communication System

  • Power Supply System

  • VHF Communication System

  • Master Clock System

  • Access Control And Intrusion Detection System

  • Passenger Information Detection System

  • Public Address System

  • Centralized Digital Recording System

  • CCTV


  • Data Centre Infrastructure

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