Routers guide and direct network data, using packets that contain various kinds of data - such as files, communications, and simple transmissions like web interactions.

The data packets have several layers, or sections, one of which carries identifying information such as sender, data type, size, and most importantly, the destination IP (Internet protocol) address. The router reads this layer, prioritizes the data, and chooses the best route to use for each transmission.

Here are list of routers Racomm provides


Full Netcom 4G Router

Our 4G router is a flagship wireless communication product developed based on the needs of 4G network. The wireless rate is up to 300Mbps, which can meet the needs of stable, safe and simple Internet access of small networks such as office and home. It can also be applied to the Internet of Things communication industry, providing users with wireless long-distance data monitoring, collection and transmission functions. Full Netcom 4G network access, fully compatible with 4G / 3G / 2G network, equipped with 210 / 100M adaptive Ethernet LAN interfaces, connected to the internal LAN; 110 / 100M adaptive Ethernet WAN interface, providing wired broadband access.

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