NMS (Racomm NMS)

Our Network Management System is an integrated SDN capable management application offering single window operation for end-to-end network management. It supports provisioning, operation management of IP Packet for MPLS & Transport Networks and DWDM. This provides a unified management solution to manage multi-technology networks on open platform.

With support for sophisticated IP packet features like IP/MPLS, MPLS-TP, Ethernet OAM, 50ms protection on ring and linear paths, it helps leverage the most out of the packet capabilities of the network elements.
The NMS is scalable to tens of thousands of NEs and with an advanced, intuitive user interface enables the NOC teams to optimize operational costs through faster and more efficient operations. It abstracts the feature sets of network elements into intuitive management and service objects, thus making understanding of the network and services running on it much easier. It offers restoration in case of multiple network failures, to provide continuity of service even in extreme conditions. Multiple Network Views support operator to take important decisions which are critical to the performance and efficiency of a network.

We provide intuitive End-to-End Network Management

Fault Management:

NMS supports real time display of faults and alarms in the network. The alarms can be configured as Minor, Major or Critical and colour coded. Different rules can be applied to display and sort alarms by severity, date, node etc. Alarms can be grouped by NMS, Node, Partition, Severity, Acknowledgement status and many other parameters. Based on the alarms, the user can navigate to affected circuits.

High Availability:

NMS supports 1+1 hot standby configuration for redundancy and disaster recovery. All the information is synced between the active and standby NMS in real time. Switchover from active to standby NMS can be automatic or forced. This helps in continuity of operations in the event of failures or unavailability of the NMS at active server location

Performance Management:

NMS pulls real time performance data from Network Elements and displays it in various forms. Performance data is collected at Port and Circuit level. The 15 min/24hour collection/monitoring of performance data can be enabled or disabled. NMS stores history of performance data for up to 30 days, and can display it at 15min intervals, 24 hours, weekly or monthly statistics. It monitor various network parameters including response time, latency, packet drops, jitter, interface utilization, interface error, CPU & memory utilization.

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