Oil And Gas

Racomm is having a substantial history in the design and implementation of telecom and security networks for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries.

We offer solutions which are specifically suited for harsh environmental conditions normally associated with this industry, whether it is a pipeline across a remote desert or an offshore platform in the middle of the sea, we can offer clients a solution that best fits their needs

We have extensive experience in rendering a wide range of services catering to the telecom needs of the oil & gas industry such as project management, procurement, logistics, design, engineering, construction, SAT, etc. Our vast experience as a telecom system integrator and engineering service provider helps us tackle any challenges or demands that come our way and we have the resources to satisfy telecom solution requirements at all levels.

Connecting Telecommunications Safely, Economically and Without Risk

We at Racomm are committed towards rendering telecom system integration services and solutions that are safe, economical and risk free. We are first and foremost innovators, devoted to finding telecom integration solutions that do not compromise on security, safety, sustainability, efficiency and economy. We have gained respect and reputation for our innovative and dynamic solutions, developed with the help of exploiting the latest technologies that ensure minimal risk and costs.

Telecom System Integration in Oil & Gas Sector

Racomm is a highly qualified telecommunication solutions provider with all-embracing experience and global capabilities, specializing in turnkey telecom projects for the oil and gas industry.

Oil & Gas Services

Our staff are experienced in the design, integration and installation of a range telecom and security products required for the Oil & Gas industry including:

  • Optical and Microwave transmission multiplexers including SDH, IP Transport, OTN, Multiservice IP/MPLS, Digital Microwave Radio.

  • Access Equipment including voice and data Interfaces.

  • Voice & Data Systems including Corporate Voice Network, Corporate LAN/WAN, Video Conferencing and Wireless Technology

  • Security Solutions including CCTV, Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Access Control and Cybersecurity

  • Safety Solutions including Public Addressing/General Alarm (PA/GA), Analog/Digital Radio (UHF/VHF/Marine).

  • Outdoor & Indoor Cabling including Fibre and Copper Structured Cabling.

  • Site Infrastructure including Racks/Cabinets/Shelters, Cables and Cable Management Systems.


Racomm employs the characteristics of DWDM to carry IP, ATM, SONET/SDH, and Ethernet at different speeds over an optical channel. This offering ensures our Customers' requirements to have high bandwidth are future ready.


With a variety of transmission speeds available, Racomm clearly understands each project requirements to deploy world class SDH/PDH systems from onshore plants and pipeline infrastructure to offshore installations.


Racomm utilizes its expertise in providing tailor made solutions from simple local networks to technologies involving MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay and X.25 for connectivity over longer distances and geographical locations.

Structure Cabling

Passive elements and IPLMS solutions are in safe hands when it comes to Racomm to deliver robust, future proof cabling solution.


Racomm analyses the needs of the client and provide cost effective solutions, conducts in house coverage studies in delivering the complete portfolio of radio solution including Marine, Aeronautical and Tetra Systems.

Central Clock Systems

Racomm provides a solution having central control of all clocks used in public transport applications and synchronization for electronic systems. Our system comprises of a GPS-based central clock unit and analog and digital clocks connected to it that are synchronised to electronic systems such as Emergency Announcement, CCTV and Passenger Information.

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